Stop Motion Modelling Training

Stop-Motion-Modelling for the Moment

Leader: Enya Fortuna, (Visual Artist)

Friday 1st March 2019, 9.30-12.30

We're excited about our upcoming training sessions in March 2019.

First in the spotlight is stop-motion modelling with Enya Fortuna:

"Children are fascinated with the process of stop-motion as it gives them the freedom to create their own characters and vision. They have a sense of pride and ownership when working on a piece that evolves from a static object to a moving image."

The workshop uses activities such as plasticine model making, painting, drawing and stop motion animation, combined with script & story writing, modeling objects, to create and edit a final animation.

Using a selection of materials to explore stop-motion techniques allows space for boundless imagination through a creative and therapeutic process.

We asked Enya a few more questions about what stop motion is, how it can be used in therapeutic arts practice and what makes this a creative technique for children and community participants to express themselves:

What's your favourite thing about using this technique?

My favourite thing about the technique of stop-motion is how it requires the creator to slow down, to really consider the vision they are trying to portray and the importance of each movement. The greatest artistic moment within stop-motion is when your static story becomes a moving image.

What can participants expect to gain from the workshop?

The workshop will be a combination of exploration with materials, moulding your own characters, as well as collaborating through story telling and script writing. The participants will create a stop-motion video collaboratively, reflecting on each others story's and observing how the moving image can be used therapeutically.

How do you use it as a therapeutic tool?

Stop-motion is incorporated as a therapeutic tool through the freedom of producing your own characters and creative visions through transformations. It allows the participants to shift perspective from still life to existing scenarios through the collaboration of new media and imagination. 

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