Creative Therapies was founded in 1994 by a drama-therapist in response to the needs of people with emotional, physical and mental health issues. Originally it was set up as an association of arts therapists working in various communities in Glasgow. By 1996, it became a company limited by guarantee, had gained charitable status and was governed by a Board of Directors.

This formal structure enables the provision of ‘creative therapies’ to be accessible to more people, in particular, young people and families. It also enables the company to fundraise for projects and to work in close partnership with other agencies.

Our work has been made possible by individuals and organisations that understand our need to sustain work with the young people over a period of time.

Creative Therapies work with professionally trained artists and clinicians and have strong links with the International Masters Degree in Art Psychotherapy at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

We provide placements for arts therapists in training and staff also lecture on the course.  This ensures we keep up to date with current research in Art Therapy Theory, Research and Practice.

Creative Therapies has two main aims:

– to support and enhance the life of those in need through the application of creative therapies.

– to promote, maintain, improve and advance education through research and training.

To find out more about our work please call: 0141 342 4444 or email: info@creativetherapies.co.uk